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SIBGRAPI es la conferencia de computación gráfica, patrones e imágenes de la Sociedade Brasileira de Computação. La 26ava edición de esta conferencia se realizará por primera vez fuera de Brasil en coordinación con la Sociedad Peruana de Computación y su grupo de interés de computación gráfica (CGI) y la Universidad Católica San Pablo. El evento se desarrollará en la ciudad de Arequipa, Perú del 5 al 8 de agosto del 2013.

Para mayor información puede acceder a la página web del evento:

SIBGRAPI 2013 – The Conference on Graphics, Patterns, and Images is the 26th edition of the formerly Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing conference annually promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), through its special interest group on Graphics and Image Processing (CEGRAPI). 

The XXVI edition of the SIBGRAPI will be organized for the first time outside of Brazil, in coordination with the Peruvian Computer Society (SPC), its special interest group on Computer Graphics and Images (CGI) and the San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP). 

The conference will be held on August 5-8, in the historical city of Arequipa, Perú. Arequipa is placed in the Southern Coastal region of Peru just below the edge of the Altiplano at 2335 meters above sea level and surrounded by three impressive volcanoes.  Arequipa is also known as The White City (Ciudad Blanca) because its many colonial-era Spanish buildings built of “sillar”, a pearly white volcanic rock. The city is about an hour away by plane from Lima and about 35 minutes away of Cuzco by plane. 

Student researchers and professionals are invited to participate by submitting original works in all areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, including but not limited to: 

Animation and simulation, Biomedical imaging and visualization, Biometrics, Computational geometry, Computer vision and robotics, Document processing and analysis, Feature extraction and matching, Games, Geometric and solid modeling, Graphical interfaces, Graphics hardware, Image and video analysis, Image and video filtering and restoration, Image and video registration, Image and video retrieval, Image and video segmentation, Information visualization, Visual learning, Mathematical morphology, Mobile graphics, Motion and tracking, Non-photorealistic rendering, Pattern recognition, Point-based modeling, Real-time imaging and rendering, Remote sensing and geophysical imaging, Scientific visualization, Shape representation and matching, Simplification and compression, Stereo/3D imaging, Surface reconstruction, Virtual and augmented reality Visual data mining. 

Conference Chairs

  • Alex J. Cuadros-Vargas (Computer Science Program, UCSP – Peru) [General Chair –]
  • Helio Pedrini (Institute of Computing,  UNICAMP – Brazil)


Program Chairs

  • Claudio Silva  (Polytechnic Institute of New York University – USA)
  • Kim Boyer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – USA)
  • Nina Hirata (Institute of Mathematics and Statistics,  USP – Brazil)
  • Luciana Nedel (Institute of Informatics, UFRGS – Brazil)